About Us

My family changed the hotel which has 72 rooms to the shelter of the swiftlet called " swiftlet's house or bird's nest house" in 2005 and it is called Hotel of the birds.

In 2007, we started a small shop to sell the edible bird's nest. Many people supported, so we started registering our business as " Best Life Product Co., Ltd" in 2011 at Sihanoukville province.

Bird's nest Handicraft " Bird's Nest House" was registered in 2014 in Phnom Penh in the purpose of producing edible bird's nest.

Because of our vision and mission, bird's nest product from Bird's Nest House become recognized and certified with standards: 5S, Halal, GHPs and HACCP that is the first and only in Cambodia.

Our Vision

"To provide a quality standard edible bird nest for Cambodian well-being as well as for the world."

Our Mission

  1. Innovate the product according to local and international standards
  2. To provide thousands of job opportunities for unskilled and skilled persons
  3. To prevent and conserve swiftlet according to the standards.

Our Products

Best Life's main activity is to produce edible bird nest with a quality standard for human health: We have two kinds of product: Ready to cook and Ready to drink:

Our Product's benefits:

  • It helps improve liver, bladder, heart, lung, kidney and pancreases functions.
  • It helps facilitate blood stream and digestive system.
  • It helps reduce the signs of aging, helps to stay young with radiant and fairer skin, helps moisture the skin.
  • It helps to strengthen the immune systems.
  • It helps prevent respiratory problem, common cold and flu, and alleviate asthma in children.
  • It helps to strengthen the body of mother and fetus.
  • It helps mother recover faster after giving birth and it also helps restore energy.
  • It helps provide energy for those who has diabetes, liver disease and for those who are hospitalized.
  • It improves attention and memory.

We produce our products with food safety management system in order to ensure our product is safe for consumers.

To follow this, we are strict to select our suppliers to ensure the quality, supplied demand for our market.

On the other hand, Best Life uses 100% of local raw material that this helps to boost Cambodia's economic.